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Helpful Tips for Framing Your Certificate or Award | Step-By-Step Guide

Certificates and awards are more than pieces of paper.

They symbolize your hard work and achievements.

Whether it’s a diploma, a professional certification, or a recognition of your contributions. Framing your certificates is the ultimate way to honour your accomplishments.

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of framing your certificates and awards like a pro local expert would do at Framing Art Victoria Park.

Importance of Framing

Framing your certificates and awards is not just about aesthetics. It’s about preserving and celebrating your accomplishments.

The certificate picture frame is a testament to your dedication and is worth every cent.

Framing Certificate or Award | 8 Helpful Tips

Let’s get started with some essential tips.

Tip 1. Choose Quality Frames

Be focused on choosing the right frame. Don’t settle for cheap, plastic frames.

Invest in a high-quality, Australian-made frame.

These frames are built to last and will protect your certificates for years to come. For instance, a certificate frame made from eco-sustainable timber is an excellent choice.

Tip 2. Enhance Credibility

Properly framed certificates not only look professional but also add credibility to your achievements. People are more likely to take your awards seriously when they are displayed in a quality frame.

Don’t hide your certificates in a drawer!

Frame them and be proud of your accomplishments.

Tip 3. Add Mat Board

While selecting a certificate frame, is crucial as it safeguards your document and enhances its visual appeal.

a) Protection

A high-quality frame for your certificate shields it from dust, moisture, and sunlight, preventing damage over time.

To add an extra layer of protection, use a mat board border around your document to keep it from coming into direct contact with the glass.

Opt for acid-free materials in the frame components to prevent deterioration over time.

b) Style

Consider the style, size, colour, and materials of the frame.

Choosing a frame style should complement the aesthetics of your certificate or award. An old-style certificate pairs well with a traditional wood frame, while a modern design can benefit from sleek metal frames like silver or gold.

Choose a neutral-coloured mat board like white or off-white to highlight the colours in your document.

Darker frames make brighter certificates stand out. The goal is to have a simple design that doesn’t distract from the document’s significance.

Remember, your framed certificate will hang on the wall for decades, so opt for a classic, timeless style like black certificate frames.

Tip 4. Add a Unique Touch

For a more unique look, add a mat board border around the edges of your certificate or award. This not only enhances the aesthetics but also protects the document from direct contact with the glass.

Certificate Frame Sizes

Certificates come in various sizes, and it’s essential to choose a frame that fits perfectly.

The most common sizes for framed certificates and awards are

I) A4 Frames (21×29.7cm)

II) A3 Frames (29.7×59.4cm)

These standard Ready Made Frames sizes are readily available and can be hung in both landscape and portrait orientations.

Tip 5. Framing Unusual-Sized Certificates

Is your certificate being an odd size?

Don’t worry!

You can still use standard-sized Ready Made Frames.

Choose a frame that’s larger than your document and order a cut-to-size border mat, also known as a mat board.

This cost-effective solution centralizes and balances your certificate within the larger frame.

Poster Guys Framing Perth offers a wide range of cut-to-size custom mat boards in various colours. It’s an affordable and stylish option that ensures your certificate looks great.

Tip 6. Properly Prep Your Certificate Before Framing

A professional local poster near me shop would expertly prep your certificate or award before framing it, to ensure a clean look.

In case you are doing it yourself. Then, here are a few things to keep in mind before framing your certificate.

1. Storage

Store your unframed certificates in a safe, dry place with stable temperature levels, away from direct sunlight or humidity. These conditions can damage the paper.

2. Cleaning

Ensure your certificate is clean and free of smudges or fingerprints before framing.

Handle it with care to avoid creases or wrinkles. If needed, use a soft, microfiber cloth to gently wipe the surface before placing it in your frame.

3. Flattening Rolled Certificates

Certificates are often stored rolled up in tubes.

Which can make them difficult to frame.

To flatten a curled certificate, roll it carefully in the opposite direction to the curl.

For best results, roll it around the outside of the tube in the opposite direction and secure it with rubber bands for a couple of hours.

If the paper is still wavy, lay it face down on a clean, flat surface with a flat board and some weight on top, like books, to help flatten it further. Once it’s flat, framing becomes much easier.

4. Size and Mounting

Choose the right frame size, ensuring it’s slightly larger than your certificate to allow space for mounting.

Use tabs of acid-free adhesive tape or archival photo corners to mount your certificate carefully, ensuring no air bubbles are trapped between the document and the backing board.

If you’re looking for “Picture Framers Near Me” a quick online search can help you find the nearest framing services in your area.

Tip 7. Display Your Certificate | How & Where

Once your certificate is beautifully framed, it’s time to decide where and how to display it.

  1. Wall Display

Hanging your framed certificate on the wall is the most common and traditional choice. However, the key is to choose the right location and height for effective display.

  1. In Your Office or Workplace

If your certificate represents an educational degree or professional certification, your office or workplace is an ideal setting.

It allows potential clients, colleagues, and employers to see your credentials, showcasing your expertise. Placing it in your office adds a professional touch and also open doors for career growth.

  1. In Public Spaces

Display certificates of appreciation in a public space, such as recognition for charity work or community support. In a reception area, lobby, or communal space.

Public display is a reminder of your goodwill and contributions to customers and visitors. It showcases your commitment to social causes and can foster a positive image of your organization.

  1. Positioning

Hang at eye level for easy visibility.

Protect from direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Avoid high-humidity areas to preserve the Uni certificate framing quality.

Tip 8. Maintain Certificate Quality

To preserve your framed certificates and awards, you need to take some precautions.

  1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Display your framed certificates away from direct sunlight or areas with extreme temperature changes. Sunlight and temperature fluctuations can cause fading, warping, or cracking of the paper.

  1. Damp Areas

Don’t hang your certificates in damp areas like basements or attics.

These conditions can lead to Mold growth, which can damage the paper. Periodically inspect your framed documents to ensure they are well-maintained.

Final Thoughts

Framing your certificates and awards is an essential step in preserving and showcasing your achievements.

It’s not just about aesthetics.

It’s about honouring your hard work.

Start by choosing a quality frame that complements your certification.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your certificates and awards are well-preserved for years to come, adding value and significance to your accomplishments.

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